Most trusted name since decades for mining processing and export of premium quality levigated china clay (kaolin)

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The Group is in Mining since 1900. It has been 4 generations in this.


Currently running resort at Neem Ka Thana & soon establishing in accross the country


100% assured purity & quality

About Us

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Shri Modi Group of companies, one of India’s leading natural minerals producer & exporter and a benchmark for global marble and china clay production.
We have many things to be proud of at Shri Modi Group, with sustainable development and innovation driving our excellent performance since operations commenced some four decades ago.
Mining is a competitive and rapidly changing market place, and we pride ourselves on maintaining vigorous growth while keeping our values strong – loyalty, respect and integrity.
Our philosophy for success is simple. We place great value in our workers, local communities, and sound environmental management. These are the keys to growing our business and delivering strong returns for all of our stakeholders.
I am proud to say that some of our greatest achievements are the improvements we have made to the everyday lives of the communities around the mine, through the provision of health, education and social services.
There is no doubt that the future of our group is bright. We are looking to the future with optimism and confidence that we can meet any challenge head on.

Antariksh Modi, MD

Shri Modi Group

Shri Modi Lavigated Kaolin Pvt. Ltd. Deals in

China Clay
Kaolin is clay, basically, a hydrated aluminum silicate which is plastic when wet and permanently hard when fired. This clay now called kaolin was discovered in China more than 3 millennia ago and had been used to add luster to the fine porcelain china of ancient times. We are one of the largest levigated china clay (kaolin) suppliers in India.

Black Marble
Marble is formed under the process of Metamorphism. The calcite in the limestone re-crystallizes to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. Black is one of the most spellbinding colors of nature. Black marble could be cut & polished and used as stair treads, architectural panels, facing stone and other decorative purposes. We are the leading black marble exporter in India

Quartz is a hard mineral which can be abundantly found at the crust of the earth. It is used in the production of Engineering Quartz stones, Silicate glasses and Ceramics. The quality of the quartz surfaces is its uniformity in a pattern, uniqueness in color and customized designs. We are a prominent quartz supplier in India.

Potassium Feldspar is an abundant rock-forming mineral which usually ranges from off-white or pink to pale-colored. It is used in all types of ceramic bodies & glazes. It is used as a Bonding agent for abrasives, wheels, discs and other shapes. Glass and ceramic industries are the major consumers of feldspar with 95% of the total consumption. We are the largest feldspar suppliers in India.

Lime Stone
Limestone could be found in the form of powder, chips or lumps. It is a calcareous sedimentary rock formed at the deep of seas by the accumulation of shells and other calcium-rich components. The hardness and quality of limestone make it suitable for domestic and official furnishing. We are the leading limestone supplier in India.

Silica – Sand
Silica is available in various forms in nature. It has 17 crystalline forms including quartz and opal. It is mostly used in water filtration, foundry, painting, water treatment, and plastering.

M – Sand
Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) is created by crushing the hard granite stone. It can be used as the substitute for river sand. It is an eco-friendly and dust free product and is used widely in construction due to easy transportability.

Crushing Stones
Also known as Angular rock is produced by mining and breaking the suitable rock with the help of crushers. It is different from gravel, which is produced naturally. It is the most basic raw material of construction projects. We are a prominent Crushed stone supplier in India.

Shri Modi Group

A.M. Square

A.M. Square is one of the marble mining firm of Shri Modi group which is one of the leading mineral producers and exporters in India with a rich experience spanning four decades. Mr. Anand Modi is the founder and chairman of the company who is leading this growing firm from last 30 years.

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Continental Minerals

Continental minerals is a leading mining, processing and exporting company which is delivering quality products from last 25 years. We are an international exporter of marble and limestone with our exports spanning across to more than ten countries. Mr. Anand Modi is the founder of the company.

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Shri Antariksh Distributors LLP

Antariksh Distributors LLP is another company that is owned and run by the Shri Modi group of companies. Antariksh Distributors LLP is based in Paota, Kotputli and is a leading china clay suppliers across the globe. The Shri Modi group operates it’s china clay mines in Paota which is a fast growing town located at the Delhi-Jaipur highway.

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Antariksh Hotel & Resort

Antariksh hotel and resort provides the most exclusive and exceptional hotel accommodation in Neem Ka Thana, Sikar. Antariksh hotel and resort is a luxury hotel situated at the Delhi-Sikar Highway, Neem Ka Thana, Sikar that has become the epitome of comfortable staying.

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Jewlz By Neelam Modi

Jewlz By Neelam Modi is a premier jewellery manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of jewellery based in the city of Jaipur. We are best known for our range of Jadau jewellery and other traditional jewellery. The business comes under the umbrella of Shri Modi group of companies. Mrs. Neelam Modi is the director of the company while Mrs. Phalguni Modi is a partner in the business.

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