• Continental Minerals

    International exporter of marble and limestone

About Continental Minerals

Continental minerals is a leading mining, processing and exporting company which is delivering quality products from last 25 years. We are an international exporter of marble and limestone with our exports spanning across to more than ten countries. Mr. Anand Modi is the founder of the company who is leading this growing firm from last 25 years.

We deal in limestone and specialize in white marble with black strips as well. The mines are situated in Rampura, Patan (Sikar district), but quite a significant part of the business is operated from Kishangargh which is a town famous for marble mining and exporting, it is situated on the Delhi-Ajmer highway.

Continental minerals is one of the many companies run by Shri Modi group which is one of the leading mineral producers and exporters in India with a rich experience spanning four decades.

Shri Modi Group has always stood for quality without compromise and believes in long-term business relations with our customers. Shri Modi Group is the industry pioneer in implementing state of the art technology in marble mining & processing and have gained great expertise in the field of marble and other natural minerals manufacturing and supply with a clientele spread over more than 15 countries across the globe.

Continental-minerals is today well recognized as one of the well established white marble and limestone supplier in India. Processed by employing high grade components, our range of marble meets international quality standards. Our products are extremely Cost Effective with Zero Compromise on Quality. We are dedicated to bringing the best quality marble to the world and have been synonymous with grandeur, finesse and quality that can only be expected from the most superior class of marbles. The range of our products with good quality and competitive price has made us one of the fastest growing companies in India.

Lime stone
Limestone could be found in the form of powder, chips or lumps. It is a calcareous sedimentary rock formed at the deep of seas by the accumulation of shells and other calcium-rich components. The hardness and quality of limestone make it suitable for domestic and official furnishing.

Marble is formed under the process of Metamorphism. The calcite in the limestone re-crystallizes to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. Marble could be cut & polished and used as stair treads, architectural panels, facing stone and other decorative purposes.

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