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    Most trusted name, since decades, for mining, processing and export of premium quality Levigated China Clay Kaolin

Mining Overview

We are the industry pioneer in implementing state of the art technology in marble mining and processing. We have enjoyed exponential growth since our inception and have gained great expertise in the field of marble and other natural minerals manufacturing and supply with a clientele spread over more than 15 countries across the globe.

Our Mining Businesses

Shri Modi Levigated Kaolin Pvt. Ltd.

We are engaged in offering our clients a comprehensive range of Levigated China Clay (Kaolin). Along with the domestic market, our range is highly demanded in various countries of the world as well. We supply & distribute Levigated China Clay that is made specifically for meeting the demands of varied industrial applications.

Levigated China clay
Kaolin is clay, basically, a hydrated aluminum silicate which is plastic when wet and permanently hard when fired. This clay now called kaolin was discovered in China more than 3 millennia ago and had been used to add luster to the fine porcelain china of ancient times.

A.M. square

We are a manufacturer of black marble & limestone which is mostly used in flooring. A.M. Square is a leading black marble exporter which supplies marble blocks and black marble from Kishangarh, Rajasthan. The mines are situated in Khandela, Sikar. Mr. Anand Modi is the founder and chairman of the company.

Black marble
Marble is formed under the process of Metamorphism. The calcite in the limestone re-crystallizes to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. Black is one of the most spellbinding colors of nature. Black marble could be cut & polished and used as stair treads, architectural panels, facing stone and other decorative purposes.

Continental Minerals

Mr. Anand Modi founded Continental Minerals which supplies white marble with light black strips and is also a renowned limestone supplier. Strips of black and white looks extremely beautiful on floor as well as wall cladding. We are owner of Rampura Black marble mines, and process it to manufacture its slabs and tiles. Rampura black marble slabs and black marble tiles are available in unpolished and polished surface finish.
The mines are situated in Rampura, Patan (Sikar district). The product is supplied from Krishangarh, Rajasthan and is exported to more than ten countries.

Limestone could be found in the form of powder, chips or lumps. It is a calcareous sedimentary rock formed at the deep of seas by the accumulation of shells and other calcium-rich components. The hardness and quality of limestone make it suitable for domestic and official furnishing.

Antariksh Distributors

With mines based in Paota, Kotputli, Antariksh Distributors LLP is a leading china clay suppliers across the globe. It is a sister firm of Shri Modi Levigated Kaolin pvt ltd.

The following points differentiate us from other suppliers:
• One of largest mines in the world integrated with closely located processing facilities enables us to offer a wide range in a short time span.
• Customized Approach to offer tailor made solutions to individual clients
• Excellent Quality, Perfect Finesse
• Huge Storage Capacity with capability to deliver bulk requirements with short lead time.
• Capability to deliver immediate and bulk requirements
• Safe & Secure Packaging

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